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PityTracker is ready for Ashes of Outland! You can open your packs now. Remember to try the Batch Add Page for longer opening sessions.

Happy pack openings, everyone! And if you're looking for new decks to play, check out our sister site at :-)

Pity Timer


Hearthstone Pack Opening on The Rocks!

Greetings Traveller!

Track your pack openings and pity timer, so that you'll know exactly how many packs are left until your next guaranteed Legendary.

Already 4.82 Million packs... and counting!

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How it works

  • Sign up.

  • Track your pack openings.

  • Pity timer: Know the probability to find a Legendary or Epic in your next pack and how long you'll have to wait to find one for sure.

  • Help the community to get more accurate pack opening statistics.

Pity Timer

What is PityTracker?

  • PityTracker is made possible by the recent discovery that Hearthstone employs a "pity timer". This pity timer guarantees that you will find a Legendary every XX packs.

  • With this app, you can track your personal progress.

  • By analysing the data from many users, we can adjust our predictions to always be up to date.